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The World Health Organization defines probiotics as: “Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.”

Our probiotic cultures are proven to support digestive and immune health and have passed a number of rigorous clinical trials. Our strain survives manufacturing shelf life and gastric transit to populate the intestine where they are needed most.

Regular consumption of Genie Living Drinks helps restore your intestinal flora and replace bad bacteria with good cultures. Our cultures remain dormant through transit to your gut where they become active, multiply and out-compete the bad bacteria.

Our cultures are vegan-friendly lactic-acid producing bacteria. The L+ lactic-acid has anti-inflammatory properties which allow for an overall healthier gut and immune system. The positive impact is a reaction that your body’s immune system has to the physical structure of the cell itself. It up regulates certain cytokines to strengthen immune activities.

Our cultures also help break down amino acids which helps with protein and overall digestion.

Yes, all of our ingredients are 100% natural. We don’t use any artificial ingredients.

Yes, all of our drinks are gluten-free.

Yes, Genie Living Drinks never use animal based products of any kind.

Yes, Genie’s probiotic cultures are considered safe for pregnant women and children. BUT, probiotics are a food supplement so the advice for pregnant women is to consult your physician before taking any food supplement including probiotics. Likewise, please consult your physician or nutritionist if you want your children to drink Genies regularly. Our kombuchas are tea-based and so contain caffeine, which some parents (including us) prefer their kids to avoid.

Orders are typically shipped within 1-2 working days, and dispatched using a next-day UK delivery service.

Stay tuned for a list of stockists – coming soon. In the meantime, you can buy here on our website and we deliver within two working days!

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