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The story of Genie

Like many great things, Genie Drinks was born in a pub garden.

In the summer of 2017, we were sitting in our local’s ‘beer’ garden. But it was a Tuesday and neither of us wanted to drink beer or any alcohol.  Nor did we want a sugary soft drink at that exact moment, or ever really. So two warm tap waters it was.

Bill talked about the power of probiotics for gut health, Alex told Bill about his delicious homemade fruit sodas. As we sipped our tap waters, we wondered: how, with three wishes, would we create the perfect soft drink?

  1. It would have to taste delicious but grown up so you could savour it.
  2. It would have to have no added sugar or anything artificial.
  3. It would have to be gut-healthy, so the drink did you good.

As we sat back and sipped our tap water, we wished we really did have a Genie.

Genie co-founders Alex and Bill at their first UK trade show

Genie co-founders Bill and Alex LIVE at their first UK trade show.

For the next 18 months, we worked furiously, squeezing fruit, brewing kombucha and experimenting with different live cultures.

Many many recipes later, Genie Drinks was launched in February 2019. Since then the response has been awesome. We have won two Great Taste awards and seen our drinks stocked in cafes, pubs, offices, delis and shops across the country. Our drinks have been at GQ Men of the Year and we have had some amazing reviews in the press. You can also find our drinks LIVE on our webshop

Alex and Bill

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