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The story of Genie

They say that magic isn’t real, that it’s for kids and Paul Daniels. But here at Genie Living Drinks, we know that magic can be real, if you try hard enough. Story time.

Chapter 1

One day, not long ago, two old friends Alex and Bill were sitting in their local pub garden. Catching up and shooting the breeze. In the olden days they might have been having a beer. But it was Tuesday and neither wanted to drink alcohol. Or they might have been having a soft drink. But neither wanted a sugary soft drink at that exact moment, or ever really. So two unintersting tap waters it was.

Chapter 2

The two old friends shared stories, Bill talking about the power of probiotics for gut health, Alex about his delicious homemade fruit sodas. They gave themselves a challenge – how, with three wishes, could they create the perfect soft drink? It didn’t take them long…

  1. It would have to taste delicious, but grown up so you could savour it.
  2. It would have to have no added sugar or anything artificial.
  3. It would have to be gut-healthy so the drink did you good.

They sat back and sipped their tap water thinking if only they really did have a Genie. Wishful drinking…

To be continued..