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Genie Kombuchas – Mixed Case – 12 x bottles


Your chance to try all 3 of our award-winning Kombuchas in one mixed (4+4+4) case of 12.

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Genie Live Soda - Lemon & Ginger - 12 x bottles

Our delicious Lemon & Ginger Live Soda is packed with probiotics, vitamin C (over 70% of your RDA!) and nothing else. No added sugar, sweeteners or nasties, this really is the soft drink we wished for.


Product Description

Waiting inside your Genie Kombuchas are millions of live cultures especially for your gut. We ferment our kombucha using the finest black tea using a centuries old recipe. We then simply blend our fermented kombucha with natural fruit juices to produce award-winning flavours. Our kombuchas are unfiltered and therefore 100% vegan. Every Genie Kombucha is also free from any preservatives, e- numbers, added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Enjoy!

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