Great tasting, good-for-you soda is here.

Drink better.Live better.

Yeah, yeah. We know. Thereโ€™s always some crazy health fad company telling you theyโ€™ll save your life from the first sip. And thereโ€™s always the global drinks corps who know just how to hide the bad stuff with slick marketing.

Well, we decided to go our own way. A soda that tastes as good as anything youโ€™ve ever bought from a bar or a store. But made with stuff thatโ€™s just good for you. No tricks, no gimmicks. It took time, and it took a lot of weird and wonderful recipe experiments. But we found what works: natural juices and fermented teas, a few choice plant extracts, and some brilliant antioxidants as required.

Youโ€™ll feel guilt-free, gut-happy, and totally refreshed.

Proud to be super natural.

Alert: hereโ€™s where we turn our humble settings down. Because it turns out weโ€™ve got a lot to be proud of. People review our sodas and rate them highly, and some other people even give us nice awards that we stick on the bottles sometimes. Thatโ€™s worth sharing, surely?

How we make it triple-good

Step 1

We realised sodas donโ€™t need the bad stuff that doesnโ€™t do you any good. All the sweeteners, artificial additives and chemicals, even the weird bits that come from animals โ€” we decided to do without.

Step 2

We added in some simple ingredients that we knew did your body good. Stuff like vegan vitamins and fruit juices that are loaded with healthy nutrients. Or a fermentation process that creates antioxidants and enzymes to make your gut feel great.

Step 3

We explored every different way of making it taste amazing โ€” and we only say a recipeโ€™s done when it tastes even better than soda without the natural benefits we add in.