Our Story

Genie offers delicious, little wins, helping you to live well on your own terms. By making everyday drinks that do good and taste good, with none of the nonsense or the judgement. From the healthy, delicious drinks that go into the bottle, to our ethical and sustainable choices as a business...

It’s All Good

Good friendships make you feel good about everything else in life. Because when two come together, and things fit perfectly in place, that’s when you get a little sprinkle of the magic dust that makes life brilliant.

We’re Alex and Bill, and we’re the founders of Genie Drinks.

Maybe our story really began when we first met during our university years. Maybe it started when we both started working and realised we wanted something different from the normal career. Maybe it was first time Alex tasted natural fruit sodas from a street vendor in India. Or when Bill discovered the world of Kombucha working in the States.

Well, however our story started, we can at least tell you when we kicked things off.

An Idea Brewing

It’s 2017. Alex is just back from India. Bill is back from a trip to the USA. Doing what old friends always do when they hit home: sitting in a pub garden, swapping stories. It was a lunchtime. Weekday. 2017. So naturally, we didn’t want to get tanked up. In fact, there’s a good chance one of us was cycling home. Alex, probably.

But we’re grown-ups. We want grown up drinks. And the selection on offer was meagre to say the least: sugary and additive-strewn, old-world giants that didn’t line up with the drinks we’d come to appreciate from our travels. And that really was the beginning of Genie. We both admitted we were looking for a new adventure in life, shook hands, and got to work. Taste, goodness, and ethics β€” this is what we both wanted from Genie.

Life’s a batch

We left our jobs. We started working in our kitchens. We learnt everything we could about making drinks, improving dietary health and how production works. This was it β€” we went all in.

And just in case this seems too easy, we agreed on the toughest rules: only natural ingredients allowed. Only ethically sourced ingredients and supply chains allowed. Everything we made had to have real health benefits. And it had to taste better than anything else you could buy or make yourself.

It took 18 months of testing, experimenting, tasting and grading. Of researching ingredients and interviewing suppliers. Talking friends and family into trialing the latest concoctions and listening to their reviews, good or bad. We nursed friendly bacteria into life and mourned lost batches (there were many).

The sparkle of inspiration

When we raised that final batch to our lips and took a sip, we knew we’d cracked it. Sparkling. Refreshing. Complex but undemanding. No nasties. Good for your health and the planet we live on. And we could make it again and again. We shared it and the good news spread. The rules worked β€” and we’ve applied them to every drink we’ve made since then.