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Here at Genie, we celebrate the brilliance of probiotic bacteria by making delicious live and fermented soft drinks to help maintain a healthy gut.

Both made in the UK, our unique live fruit soda and award winning fermented kombucha ranges are packed full of flavour, active cultures and nothing else.

We wished for better soft drinks – meet them below.

"Refreshing and delicious. 9/10."

"It's a pleasure to work with a brand that believes in and works with 100% natural ingredients."

"100% vegan and packed with gut-friendly live and fermented cultures, Genie Drinks were the perfect tipples to serve at our Plant-based Living launch event."

"Genie Drinks were a hit with the delegates at WIRED's events, with its delicious, refreshing and subtle kombucha taste."

As seen in GQ magazine (June & July 2019 editions), and enjoyed across the GQ Heroes event at Soho Farmhouse.

"Genie Drinks have done away with the guilt-factor to produce a fleet of sainty soft drinks which are 100% vegan and actually help you maintain a healthy gut."

"Genie kombucha has a refreshing, sophisticated flavour profile, with a pleasantly dry finish and a subtle fizz. Crisp, lively and alert.’

Proudly a producer member of the Guild of Fine Food

Highly Commended as Best Gut Health Product 2019

Your Healthy Living Magazine Awards



"Genie's drinks contain a strain of bacteria called baccilus coagulans which is researched for its potential in supporting gut health and associated conditions."

Eli Sarre

Wildfare Nutrition
"These living drinks are simple and easy to include and unlike ordinary sodas contain active cultures so you can show your gut some love at the same time as enjoying a delicious alternative to sugary pop."

Eli Sarre

Wildfare Nutrition


We all wish for a better world, and here at Genie we want to help that become a reality.

From day one we have supported charities close to our hearts. Our first (and only!) profits went to the London Air Ambulance and we have partnered with The Hunger Project UK this year to support their events. Making the world a better place shouldn’t be wishful thinking – join with us and let’s get wishful drinking.

Stay tuned for more news on how we add life to the real world.