Genie is officially delicious! 

We’re very happy to announce that Genie has won two more Great Taste Awards to add to the four we have already.  Having won Great Taste Awards for three years running, we’re now officially Great Taste Producers, which means our trusty tastebuds haven’t let us down so far!

We pride ourselves on the taste of our drinks above anything else, so this award is way up there in our trophy cabinet, and we’re so proud that we have to share the news. 


The 2021 awards went to (drum roll please)… 

Genie Lemonade Live Soda! 


Lemonade bottle with Great Taste Award logo

Comments: “Very refreshing, this has a strong ginger hit and just the right level of sweetness. We would definitely buy this - especially with its bonus of doing us good!” 

“Very well-balanced soft drink, with a pleasing effervescent quality. The drink is not too sweet, has a distinct lemon flavour, and just a background hint of ginger. Very drinkable.” 

Aaaaand (another little drum roll please)…

Genie Dry Apple Kombucha! 


Dry Apple can with Great Taste Award logo

Comments: “The judges loved the apple aroma and the apple flavour also comes through well on the palate. The drink is thirst quenching and moreish. This is an excellent alternative for those who like fizzy drinks as the apple gives the impression that it is sweet. It gives the impression that it is doing you good in your gut but without the feeling of punishment! Well done.” 

We’re so pleased with the feedback from the judges, and we’re just as happy when we receive a lovely review from you guys on Trustpilot 

If you love Genies and want to let us know, we would love to hear what you think.