As you might have noticed, we decided to give Genie a makeover. We’ve been working hard since November 2020 to make our drinks look as good as they taste, and we think we’ve finally nailed it!

Don’t worry, they still taste the same. We’re keeping things as simple and natural as ever, but the kombuchas are also now available in cans to further minimise our carbon footprint.

If you love the bottles, that’s cool, you can still buy those as well. Plus, they are 100% recyclable too, so no need to worry either way.


We got together with the brilliant team at Bulletproof London to help bring the brand to life. We wanted to stand out with bold colours that showcase the delicious flavours and become the soda company that delivers benefits without the nonsense – bringing healthy sodas to the many, not the few.

So, what’s changed?

Well, the Crisp Citrus Kombucha is now called Sweet Citrus Kombucha. Although there is absolutely no added sugar, we felt the natural blend of citrus fruits used was better described as sweet rather than crisp.



Also, our kombuchas no longer have extra probiotic cultures in them. As a fermented tea, kombucha already includes natural enzymes and cultures that are fantastic for your gut, and we thought that adding probiotics on top of those (although it packed a powerful punch) was perhaps a bit overkill. We wanted to keep our ingredients list simple, and let the fermented kombucha cultures, enzymes, and antioxidants work their magic as they’re designed to do.



We’ve taken on board all your helpful feedback over the past few years to create a new website that is more user friendly, mobile responsive, and most importantly, speedy! Any further feedback you have for us, please do let us know, or if you just fancy a chat, you can find us at, or @geniedrinks on Instagram.

 We would love to see our new Genies out in the world, so if you find any, please send us your snaps or tag us in any pics on Instagram @geniedrinks.