We make our Genie Lemonade with a hint of ginger. It’s a classic combination, and we chose it because it tastes great, but also because of the added benefits that come along with these super ingredients. 


May help indigestion: 


Lemons contain the plant compound limonene which is said to soothe indigestion and help food to move through your system. Similarly, ginger contains gingerol which is said to ease heartburn, bloating, and discomfort in your stomach, especially if you’ve overeaten! 


Lemons cut


May improve IBS: 


Ginger and lemon may calm symptoms of IBS. Ginger is renowned for preventing nausea, it helps food to move through your digestive system and it reduces inflammation in the intestine. It is also a low FODMAP ingredient for those who stick to an IBS friendly diet. 


May help reduce inflammation: 


Inflammation can lead to joint pain, headaches, skin problems, and IBS. Ginger and Lemon both have anti-inflammatory properties and are packed full of antioxidants to help the liver breakdown toxins and keep blood sugar levels low. 


lemon drinks with sliced lemon


May help with weight loss: 


 Lemon is said to help reduce cravings and ginger can help to make you feel fuller for longer. Having lemon first thing can stimulate digestion and also boost your metabolism.  


May help boost your immune system: 


Lemon has long been recommended for its medicinal properties because it’s packed full of vitamin C. Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency can include weakness, anaemia, or bruising, so it’s important to include sources of vitamin C in your diet daily, as the body uses it up, but can’t produce it. Getting your daily dose of vitamin C means that your body can absorb iron more efficiently, it can combat free radicals and pollutants that your body encounters, and it can give your immune system a much-needed boost. Along with eating lots of fruit and veggies, you can grab one of our Genie Lemonades, which have 70% of your RDA of vitamin C in one bottle.  

 Man and woman unwell in bed


Our Lemonade Live Soda is 100% vegan and packed with gut friendly probiotics. It’s also free from preservatives, e-numbers, added sugar, and artificial sweeteners.