Did you know, planting six trees per month is enough to compensate for the average CO2 emissions we each produce? 

Luckily, every time you place an order via our webshop, we’ll plant a tree in our Genie forest. And, to make up for lost time we’ve looked back and planted a tree for every order placed on our website since we launched in 2019. That means that if you’ve ordered Genies before, your trees are already growing! 

Since day one, we have been working hard to build an ethical and sustainable business, as well as making delicious and healthy drinksWe know that planting trees is a great way to restore our planet, but we need to make sure this is done responsibly. So, we’ve partnered with Ecologi – a small UK organisation that fund climate positive projects around the world.   


Mangrove planting in Madagascar


Reforestation is a well-known climate solution because of trees’ wonderful ability to absorb carbon naturally and efficiently from the atmosphere. Ecologi’s reforestation projects are in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals. This means planting ecologically appropriate trees in the right places, coordinating with local communities, and ensuring that trees are protected from outside threats (both natural and manmade) so that they can survive, thrive, and help to support biodiversity.

As well as absorbing excess carbon in the atmosphere, planting trees is a wonderful thing to do for a number of other reasons[infographic]: 


Climate positive reforestation project

Find out more about the climate positive projects at Ecologi and check out our Genie forest here and where we have been planting this month. 

Find out more about Genie Drinks’ ethical and sustainable values here.