Genie created the first Live Soda to hit the shelves in the UK. We wanted to make a delicious alternative to sugary fizzy drinks without all the added sugar, sweeteners, and preservatives you normally find in regular sodas. We wanted our drinks to be all-natural and provide a genuine benefit. Because, well, why not? 

As it’s new on the market, we often get asked ‘so, what is a live soda’?  So here is everything you need to know. 


What is in Live Soda? 

It’s called ‘Live Soda’ because it contains live probiotic cultures. Genie drinks contain a strain of bacteria called bacillus coagulans which is researched for its potential to support gut health. Bacillus coagulans is a probiotic of particular interest for its potential to aid the immune system and prevent inflammatory conditions. The probiotics we use have been proven to survive until they get to where they are really needed: your gut.  

Genie Live Sodas are made with real fruit juice and so are naturally packed with vitamin C (over 70% of your RDA), to give your immune system an extra boost. 

What we put into our drinks is almost as important as what we DON’T put in. We never add any added sugar, sweeteners, artificial flavours, or preservatives. Just natural extracts and flavours, sparkling water, and fruit juice. 

 Orange segments in sparkling water

What does Live Soda taste like? 

A normal (and delicious) soda! We have two flavours, Lemon and Orange and they taste just like the classic sodas you remember as a kid: sparkling, refreshing, natural, and fruity.  

We also add ginger notes to our lemon soda to give it a sharper kick! Our natural probiotics don’t add or detract from the taste, they’re just hidden in there as a bonus. 

 Woman stretching outdoors after exercise


Is Live Soda good for you? 

Genie Live Soda isn’t only ‘not bad' for you, but it’s actually good for you and provides you with genuine benefits. It’s all good ingredients in there - no nasties. 

We have an astounding 100,000 billion microbes living in our gut and a further 1,000 billion living on our skin, so it’s vital we do everything we can to ensure we keep our microbiome working for us. The more we feed and nourish our healthy bacteria, the more likely it is that they will look after us in return.  

Gut health is key to the health of all our body systems so it’s important to include probiotic cultures into our daily diet, and Genie Live Sodas are an easy way to do just that. Our sodas also contain added vitamins our bodies love. 

Find out more about nutrition in Genie Drinks here. 

Do Live Sodas have caffeine in? 

No, there is no caffeine in Genie Live Sodas.  


Kombucha with lemon in a jar

Is Live Soda a kombucha? 

Live Soda is not the same as kombucha. Kombucha is an ancient, fermented tea-based drink. It is brewed using either black or green tea and fermented for a few weeks before being stabilised. At Genie, we use black tea, as it’s more traditional (and we think it tastes better), and we ferment for 21 days.  

Kombucha is similar to Live Soda in that it’s good for your gut health. The fermentation process creates kombucha cultures and enzymes that do a similar job to the probiotics in Live Sodas. Kombucha does have a small amount of caffeine in though, from the tea! And it has a sharp, tart taste from the fermentation process so it won’t taste like your average soda, but will be more complex. 

Genie Live Soda bottles

Where can I buy Live Soda? 

You can buy Live Soda from the Genie website! We do a mixed case of both flavours (Lemon and Orange), or you can buy a case of 12 of either flavour. Free UK delivery, and it will be with you within 2 working days.  

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If you have any other questions just reach out to us on social, or you can email if you fancy a chat.  



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