You might not have thought about kombucha as one of your alcohol-free options for Christmas and New Year, so let us fill you in on why you should! 


A crisp, complex kombucha is the perfect treat to have after lunch, before the festive drinking begins, or the morning after a heavy night.  

Have you stocked up on Genies for the festive season? Our last delivery date is likely to be 21st December to guarantee you’ll get yours in time for Christmas, but to be on the safe side, we would recommend ordering ASAP. 

We’re hoping that 2021 will be better than last year. And while it may not be 100% back to normal, we’re hoping we can still spend some time with loved ones and celebrate a little.  

  Glass of red wine next to Christmas tree and Santa hat

If you’re keeping an eye on your alcohol intake this year…

As well as reminding us how much we appreciate time with friends and family, the pandemic has in some cases reminded us to look after ourselves and our health a little better. Be it one less extra helping of Christmas pudding, one less glass of wine, or factoring in a few more winter walks to get the blood pumping.  

For any friends or family watching their health or drinking a little less this year, make sure you have some great alcohol-free options in the fridge, so they still feel like they’re indulging in a treat, without the added sugar or alcohol to worry about. 


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If you’re nursing a sore head…

Some of us can hold our hands up to ‘celebrating’ a little excessively over the holidays and having a few too many mulled wines. Keep a few Genies in the fridge for the perfect hangover cure if you need it. Our kombuchas have no added sugar, but they do have some natural sugars from fruit juice, as well as a small amount of caffeine from the fermented tea, so they can provide a little pick-me-up that you need the morning after. They’re also rich in antioxidants to help keep our bodies healthy. 

 Someone eating leftover roast dinner with a glass of Baileys


If you’ve over indulged…

All the rich (and delicious) food over the holidays can take its toll on our tummies. To keep your digestive system in good shape, make sure to keep up with a few of your diet staples where you can including fibre, fermented foods, and herbs & spices. Genie Live Sodas contain probiotic cultures to keep your good gut bacteria happy, and Genie kombuchas also have fermented cultures, enzymes, and beneficial acids that are a great way to support your gut health. 


Genie cans in front of Christmas tree

If you’re after great taste and festive flavours…

If you’re reaching for a soft drink over the holidays, Genies pair perfectly with festive flavours - particularly Dry Apple kombucha, Fiery Ginger kombucha, and Orangeade Live Soda!


Dry Apple Kombucha:

Best served with ice and a festive cinnamon stick. Pairs wonderfully with your Christmas ham joint, pigs in blankets, or bubble & squeak!

 Orangeade Live Soda:

Our Orangeade is light, fresh, and comfortingly familiar. Best served over ice with a few cloves in at Christmas time. It’s my go-to drink for breakfast on Christmas day, getting the day off to a great start.

Fiery Ginger Kombucha:

It’s just like a non-alcoholic ginger ale - all the flavours without being overly sweet. Best served with ice and a twist of lemon. Pairs well with a curry for your New Year’s Eve takeaway. If it isn’t a tradition in your house, then it should be!


You can also keep an eye on our Instagram on Monday 20th for our Genie Gingle festive cocktail recipe:

Festive cocktail


No matter how you’re celebrating this year, take care and have fun!